Anaphylaxis Awareness

Injection ConnectionAAFA Alaska is pleased to announce our new anaphylaxis awareness campaign, "Make The Injection Connection". Our campaign is designed to raise awareness about the importance of epinephrine use and recognition of the potential multisystem involvement in anaphylaxis.

Currently 2% of the population has experienced anaphylaxis. Foods, medications and insect stings are the most common causes. Patients with asthma are at an increased risk. Despite the number of individuals at risk, recent research tells us that many patients are unaware of the multi-organ involvement possible in anaphylaxis. Additionally, many seem confused about when to use epinephrine after exposure. The goal of “Make The Injection Connection” is to educate not only about symptoms but also about the importance of quick and accurate administration of epinephrine.

In an effort to assist healthcare professionals with educating their patients, AAFA Alaska has designed the following materials for our “Make the Injection Connection” campaign. AAFA Alaska is offering a hybrid educational program to prepare anyone who may be in the position to administer epinephrine to do so safely.  The program includes a 20 minute webinar with educational content followed by a short live community class which includes  hands on epinephrine training. You can register for the program using the links below.

The “Make the Injection Connection” campaign is a valuable tool vital to teach patients about the risks of misidentification and delayed treatment of anaphylaxis. It is vital that they understand the signs and symptoms of their allergic disease as well as the need for prompt and appropriate treatment. AAFA Alaska is striving to make the perception of epinephrine auto- injectors less frightening and more acceptable to patients. Additionally, studies tell us that delayed use of epinephrine can have tragic consequences. It is our goal to ensure that Alaskans understand the outcomes of delayed administration of life saving medications.

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Funding for program development was received through a grant from The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEED) and the CDC 1801 Grant.

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Anaphylaxis Awareness


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