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Once you complete the online portion of registration and payment you must still download and fill outand sign several documents. These documents must be faxed or mailed to AAFA Alaska Chapter and received no later than May 16, or your child will be unable to attend.
You may download the full packet of documents here.  You will also be given the opportunity to download them once registrations is completed.

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Annual Conference

Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp


Wheezin' Sneezin' and Itchin' in Alaska

Our Annual Medical Education Conference.

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Anaphylaxis Awareness


Make the Injection ConnectionMake the Injection Connection

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Asthma Camp

Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp


Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp

A camp for kids with Asthma.

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Race and Puff


Kids Bike Race

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Childcare Centers

Volcano Awareness

Health concerns and how to protect yourself

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