Childcare Centers

The Childcare Centers listed below have had staff members attend the AAFA Asthma & Allergy Essentials for Childcare Providers Program within the last 12 months.
This 3-hour course is designed to give child care providers the tools & knowledge they need to care for children with asthma & allergies.
Information covered includes:


  • Symptoms & precipitating factors
  • Warning signs of an asthma episode.
  • Recognition of asthma triggers


  • Common types of allergies
  • Symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • Environmental control measures
  • Appropriate administration of an epi-pen
  • Medications for asthma & anaphylaxis
  • Tools for managing asthma & allergies
  • Using asthma/allergy action plans
  • And much more!

2012-2014 Participant Centers

Anchor Lutheran Schools  11/12
Bear Valley School Aged Childcare  11/12
Congregation Beth Shalom-JEC      11/12
Joan’s Preschool   9/12
Gloria’s Daycare    9/12
Monkey’s Little Ones 9/12
Lydia’s Day Care  9/12
Bright Horizons (one attendee)  9/12
Katie’s Kidoe’s- Kenai   11/12
Sproutlets-Kenai  11/12
Grandma’s House- Soldotna  11/12
Anchorage Christian Pre-School 1/25
Gold Creek – Juneau 01/13
Spunky Sprouts- Juneau 01/13
Stacy’s Daycare Home 01/13
Susan’s Home Sweet Home 01/13
Little Cubs Den Daycare 01/13
The Kiddie Korral 01/13
Gracy’s Garden 01/13
Innie Pooh Daycare 01/13
Imagination Station 01/14
Jewish education Center 12/13
Bear Valley Childcare 11/13
Rabbit Creek Community Schools 3 05/13
Northern Lights Preschool 02/13
Klever Kids 03/13
Jodn’s Preschool 10/13
Grandma Rose’s Daycare 10/13
Casa Coma Daycare 10/13
Duley’s Daycare 10/13
Gloria’s Daycare 10/13
Precious Daycare 10/13
Biggs Daycare 01/14
Little Hands 01/14
Genia’s Preschool 01/14
Casa Luna 01/14
Perla Daycare 01/14
3 to 5 Preschool 11/14
SJCCC 11/14

*** One or more staff  members from the centers listed above attended this training program. If you are a parent of a child with asthma and/or allergies it is important that you speak with your childcare director and carefully review your emergency  plans. Plan to have a direct and honest discussion so that you can determine if you are comfortable with the centers level of care for your child. If you need additional educational resources for yourself or your childcare center, please contact AAFA Alaska.

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Childcare Centers

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