Board of Directors

  • Kathryn Anderson MPH
  • Jessica Arasmith,MD
  • April Arseneau, MD
  • Kathleen Bell, RN
  • Jodyne Butto, MD
    President Elect
  • Jeffrey Demain, MD
  • Bryan Farthing, PA 
  • Michael Gilbert, JD
  • Mark Glore, CPA
  • Jerry Hamilton, MPH
  • Sherryl Meek, RD
  • Eric Meier, MD
  • Teresa Neeno, MD
  • Melinda Rathkopf, MD
    Past President
  • Dion Roberts, MD
  • Kristina Waring, SLP
  • Kathy Young, MD
    Past President

Asthma Camp

Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp


Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp

A camp for kids with Asthma.

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Annual Conference

Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp


Wheezin' Sneezin' and itchin' in Alaska

Our Annual Medical Education Conference.

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Anaphylaxis Awareness


Make the Injection Connection

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Race and Puff


Kids Bike Race

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Childcare Centers

Volcano Awareness

Health concerns and how to protect yourself

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Today's Pollen Count

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