16th Annual Asthma and Allergy Conference


Wheezin' Sneezin' and Itchin' in Alaska

In 2004, the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, Alaska Chapter developed a storybook about asthma and allergies with the assistance of community members participating in AAFA Alaska's Asthma and Allergy Support Group. The goal was to develop an Alaska-focused storyline illustrated with Alaska-specific graphics to distribute to participants in AAFA Alaska's asthma education classes and health fairs.

Designed specifically as a children's book, Wheezin' Sneezin' and Itchin' in Alaska interweaves an Alaskan theme with information on how people with asthma and allergies can live a life without limits. The story introduces Stuffy, Puffy, Wheezy, Itchy and Scratchy, and tells how these characters turn their challenging lifestyles into fun successes.

AAFA Alaska commissioned Alaskan artist Noel C. Bell to design the artwork for Wheezin' Sneezin' and Itchin' in Alaska. Conference materials include illustrations from the storybook, which is available for purchase at the conference for $15.

An accomplished artist, Ms. Bell earned an Associates Degree in Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration from Syracuse University. She released her first print in 1997, and since that time she has published a body of fine art prints sold in galleries throughout the state.